Drawing courses at Kalacheva school

Blog 21. Juni 2020

Drawing courses at Kalacheva school

Kalacheva school was founded by the watercolor illustrator Veronika Kalacheva. Here you can take drawing courses for beginners, and choose a program for experienced artists and designers.

More about the school

Kalacheva school regularly hosts crash courses, weekend lectures, as well as master classes from professional artists and renowned maestros of fine arts.

Here you can explore everything that concerns the visual arts – from linocuts and various types of illustration to the history of painting.

Even if you want to learn how to illustrate in the Fashion style (for fashion magazines, for example), Kalacheva school has an appropriate drawing course for such an occasion.

You can study in a daytime format and remotely. Stationary training takes place in one of two studios. The first is located in the area of ​​the Novoslobodskaya metro station, the second is located next to Profsoyuznaya.

Types and content of courses

Several drawing courses from dozens of those that can be taken at this school:

Realism for Beginners. 20 academic hours. Content of the training program:Hatching. Transfer of simple shapes, drawing vegetables and fruits. Concepts of glare, reflex, shadow and light, as well as ways to convey them in pencil.Metallic luster. Transfer of forms and nature of metal.Picture of draperies and glass objects.Watercolor. A variety of techniques, grisaille, tones and semitones.Working with color. Drawing performances, feeling the properties of watercolors, glazing and stretching.“Watercolor painting“. The target audience of the course is people with basic drawing skills. Duration – eight days. Curriculum content:Acquaintance with the materials. Types of strokes, paper textures and various properties of paints.Eye training to „turn off color“. Tone concepts, working with a tone circle, performing still lifes using the grisaille technique, mathematical calculation of object lightness, filling and glazing.Color theory when working with watercolors. Using masking fluid, mixing colors.Technique of quick execution of drawings in watercolors. Course participants learn to draw quickly, first of all, conveying their impression, not concentrating on conveying realistic textures and proportions.Improvisation and destruction of stereotypes. Image of emotions, selection of optimal compositions, discussion of drawings.“Sketching“. This is a free eight-hour video course, in which the teacher of Kalacheva school Maria Pokrovskaya will teach you the following aspects of the sketch:Execution of textured, fast black and white drawing.Image of pets.Figures in motion (by the liner).Drawings 123helpme.me in the style of pop art.Image of a sleeping child.