The capital’s trade union issued an open statement in connection with cases of violence in schools

Blog 4. April 2020

The capital’s trade union issued an open statement in connection with cases of violence in schools

If for some reason you do not want to apply to the management of the educational institution or the education department with a relevant application for bullying, you can immediately contact the National Police of Ukraine and / or the Service for Children.

When the facts indicate that a child has been bullied by a teacher, it is necessary to apply to the local education department to check the methods of education by the teacher and be sure to apply to the National Police and the Children’s Service.

You should also turn to non-governmental organizations (public organizations that protect human rights, provide legal assistance, etc.) that work with children for psychological and legal assistance. Representatives of these organizations may be members of the bullying commission.

We remind you that all applications submitted are considered and resolved within no more than one month (30 days) from the date of their receipt. (Article 20 of the Law of Ukraine „On Citizens‘ Appeals“).


Physical violence and bullying lead to tragic and irreparable consequences. If a child has complained of physical abuse, whether bullying or not, parents should contact the National Police Territorial Unit with a statement so that the latter can find out all the circumstances and establish the facts.

What is the responsibility of children, minors and adults for bullying, read on the website of the Education Ombudsman.

You can file a complaint to the educational ombudsman regarding the violated rights of participants in the educational process (students, parents, teachers and research and teaching staff) at the link.



The Ministry of Education and Science will hold a competition aimed at preventing violence among young people

Safe Country competition to be held in schools

The Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Education Policy will hold the All-Ukrainian competition of photo and video works „Safe Country“, which aims to prevent violence and injuries among young people.

The competition will be held as part of the Road Safety Week, Ukrinform reports.

According to First Deputy Minister of Education Pavel Hobzey, the Ministry of Education has signed a memorandum with the Ministry of Information Policy and the International Charitable Foundation „Assistance to Victims of Road Accidents“.

„As part of this cooperation, we are holding a competition“ Safe Country „… We want to spread information about road safety through this competition, through the photos and videos that our students will take and that will be included in social advertising, „Hobzey said. …

He said that the competition will accept photos and videos on „Youth for Road Safety“ and „Countering bullying in schools.“



The aim of the plan is to really combat bullying at an early stage

The Ministry of Education and Science will create a plan for anti-bullying in schools

The Ministry of Education and Science, together with the Ministry of Social Policy, the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Youth and Sports, will create an action plan to combat bullying in educational institutions. This was discussed during the first stakeholder workshop on the development of a National Anti-Bullying Program in Education.

According to Larisa Samsonova, Director General of the Directorate of Inclusive and Extracurricular Education of the Ministry of Education and Science, the purpose of the plan is to really counteract this phenomenon at the initial stage in the educational sphere.

„We have a lot of developed methodological material, various developments in anti-bullying, but now we need to unite the efforts of everyone in order to properly apply all this,“ said Samsonova.

She also added that the task of the relevant ministries and public organizations will be to conduct appropriate training for teachers to create a comfortable educational environment. And it is planned to teach children tolerance, to reveal signs of violent behavior, to report about it, through textbooks and lectures.

„Prevention of bullying is first and foremost a state policy. We must convey to each teacher all our achievements, as well as support him, because we understand how difficult this issue is,“ said Larisa Samsonova.



The capital’s trade union issued an open statement in connection with cases of violence in schools

Authorities are demanding that teachers be protected from beatings and humiliation

In connection with cases of severe bodily injuries to teachers, the Kyiv Trade Union of Educators and Scientists issued an open statement to the Verkhovna Rada, the Minister of Internal Affairs, the Prosecutor General, the Ministry of Education and local authorities demanding measures to protect Ukrainian teachers.

In particular, the capital’s educational union asks the Ukrainian parliament to amend the legislation to strengthen the responsibility for disseminating inaccurate information about teachers. The union also considers it necessary to introduce security posts in the staffing schedules of educational institutions.

In addition, the trade union recommends that the Verkhovna Rada supplement the law on combating bullying (harassment) with a provision recognizing bullying as a cruel act of parents, as well as psychological and physical violence of parents against teachers.

The trade union also asked the Minister of Internal Affairs and the Prosecutor General to take personal control of the objective and prompt pre-trial investigation into the beating of a physical education teacher in one of the capital’s lyceums.

The Ministry of Education and Science and local authorities are invited to organize a number of activities to prevent attacks on teachers, respect for the right to protection of their honor, dignity and business reputation.



To implement the Concept, the supervisor together with the teachers need to take 10 steps

The concept of a safe environment will be introduced in schools

The Ministry of Education recommends that schools counteract any conflicts (bullying) among participants in the educational process by implementing the concept of „Safe and child-friendly school.“

Relevant recommendations of the Ministry of Education are sent to the education departments of regional and local administrations.

The Ministry of Education and Science reports that during 2017-2019 in the pilot schools of Donetsk and Luhansk regions the modeling of the concept of „Safe and child-friendly school“ was held with the support of UNICEF.

Institutions participating in the modeling of the Concept have made significant progress in creating a safe and inclusive educational environment.

The concept includes an online tool „Express Assessment“ to monitor the current state of a safe educational environment and obtain information about the level of security. To use the online tool, the institution must register at the link.

For the practical implementation of the Concept in an educational institution, the head of the institution together with the teachers is recommended to take 10 steps. First of all – to get acquainted with the Concept and to make the decision on its expediency at school. Then, following the detailed instructions of the recommendations, organize a safe educational process.



The Minister of Education spoke about the algorithm of necessary actions in cases of bullying in schools

The law on bullying includes clear algorithms of actions, – Grinevich

The new anti-bullying law, which was passed by parliament, provides clear algorithms for dealing with harassment. This was stated by Minister of Education and Science Lilia Grinevich.

“This year we started talking about this problem openly, a campaign against bullying and harassment has started. And as you can see, this synchronously affected the regulatory activities of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, and this law was adopted. I believe that bullying should be combated in the first place by preventing it, but those who carry out harassment should understand that this is followed by punishment, ”the minister said.

She also spoke about the algorithm of actions in case of bullying in educational institutions after the law comes into force.

In particular, if a child has witnessed bullying in an educational institution, he or she can first tell the parents, the teacher, the psychologist or the principal directly.

In addition, according to the Minister, the child can contact the hotline of the NGO „La Strada – Ukraine“ to combat domestic violence or the protection of children’s rights, the social service for family, children and youth, the National Police or the center of free legal help.

If a teacher or other school employee witnesses the bullying, he or she must inform the head of the institution, regardless of whether the bullying victim complained to him or not.

Upon receipt of the child’s request, the relevant person or body shall inform the head of the educational institution in writing of the case of bullying. The school principal should consider such an appeal and find out all the circumstances of the bullying. In the future, the director should convene a meeting of the bullying commission and determine further actions.

If the commission recognized that it was bullying, and not a one-time conflict, the head of the institution is obliged to notify the authorized units of the National Police of Ukraine and the Service for Children.

Such a commission may include teachers, a psychologist, a social educator, the parents of the victim and the „buller“, the head of the institution and other interested persons.

If the commission does not qualify the case as bullying, and the victim does not agree with it, he can immediately apply to the National Police of Ukraine.



For what guilt should a teacher be fined, and a principal even forced to do so?