They would look unnaturally long

Blog 4. Februar 2020

They would look unnaturally long

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As cute as the children are and as stylish as the coordinated, mostly grayish training clothing looks, the Christmas spirit may not really come up with the snapshot. Nowhere is there even a tiny bit of Christmas decorations to be seen and there is no Christmas tree to be found either.

"What a lovely family"

Many fans are still enthusiastic about the photo of the Kardashians. "What a lovely family", most followers write in the comment column. However, there are also disappointed fans. "I do not understand that. When they watch their kids play in the park, they dress like they’re going to the Met Gala, but for the Christmas card they’re dressed like they’re rummaging through trash cans. There is not a single Christmas connection." Let the picture be "gloomy, depressed and senseless".

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So is this really the Kardashians‘ Christmas card this year? For years the entire Kardashian / Jenner clan has been posing together for a Christmas snapshot. This year there doesn’t seem to be a photo taken with the rest of the family. Like Kim Kardashian in conversation with "E! News" said she really wanted to do without the legendary photo with all family members this year. It is too much to bring everyone together. Last year, Chief Kris Jenner and daughter Kendall were absent.

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Great joy for "Riverdale"-Actress Vanessa Morgan. The Netflix hit actress is expecting her first child. However, she has long considered whether to make this known.

These are the offspring of celebrities

Photo series with 23 pictures

At "Riverdale" she plays the role of Toni Topaz, the gay friend of Cheryl Blossom (played by Madelaine Petsch). In real life, she has been married to professional baseball player Michael Kopech since 2020. Now the couple are expecting their first child. In an emotional Instagram post, the actress is happy about the pregnancy, but is thoughtful because of the public interest.

Check out this post on Instagram

A post shared by Vanessa Morgan (@vanessamorgan) on Jul 24, 2020 at 1:27 PM PDT

She shows her 8.6 million Instagram followers a multi-part picture gallery in the post, which received almost two million likes within just a few hours. The pictures show excerpts from the babyshower party, but also the positive pregnancy test from May 20, 2020. Vanessa writes: "The morning when I found out When I look back, I think I’m happy that I took this photo."

The series star also shares a short video of the ultrasound with his fans. On it you can see the little baby and how it moves. The 28-year-old also reveals the gender of her child: she and her husband will have a boy in January.

"Long thought about keeping it a secret"

Under the Instagram post she writes: "I’ve wondered for a long time about keeping this part of my life a secret, but I know that people could see photos of me and my stomach and I wanted you to hear from me first." She emphasizes that she still wants to keep her pregnancy as private as possible.

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She types about her baby: "I can’t believe how much size and strength you give me as your mom.good community service essays It’s like God knew I needed you my angel."

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On the occasion of the New York benefit concert "Tidal X: 1020" Soul diva Beyoncé Knowles appeared in an aubergine-colored dress that emphasized her wonderful XXL cleavage. This open-hearted outfit was certainly helped with invisible tape strips.

Founder of the "Tidal X" is none other than Beyoncé’s husband, the rapper Jay Z. With the help of the concert, he would like to work with other powerful-voiced colleagues for social issues of all kinds. 

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Strong-voiced colleagues take part

It goes without saying that the dear wife as well as Nicki Minaj, Usher, Lil Wayne, Indochine and many others stormed the stage. Even if with a little more fabric than the beautiful Beyoncé. 

Kylie Jenner faces serious allegations. Titled that "Forbes"-Magazine, the entrepreneur as the youngest self-made billionaire, is now reporting it to her "Web of lies".

The Kardashian clan: who belongs to whom?

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Kylie Jenner made history as the youngest self-made billionaire in 2019. The renowned business magazine "Forbes" placed the entrepreneur in a strong pose on his cover. Now the magazine is rowing back.

A report released on Friday said Kylie Jenner and her family lied about company numbers and "Tax returns likely forged" would have. Accordingly, the 22-year-old, who founded the cosmetics company Kylie Cosmetics in 2014, is allegedly not a billionaire at all. The authors behind the "Forbes"-Report find clear words. In her opinion, the Kardashian-Jenner clan simply has one "Web of lies" spun.

"I thought this was a legitimate site"

A claim that the young entrepreneur does not leave uncommented. She takes a stand on Twitter and Instagram: "What do I have to read when I wake up? I thought this was a legitimate site", she writes. Kim Kardashian’s half-sister is outraged "a series of incorrect statements and unproven assumptions". She never asked for a title or tried to get it by lying.

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She does not go into the subject further. After all, she could "Name 100 things that are more important right now than focusing on how much money I have"As stated in another tweet from the 22-year-old. After months of research, her fortune is now estimated at just under $ 900 million, so she is no longer entitled to the title of billionaire "Forbes" valid. 

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Kylie Jenner is the youngest Kardashian sister. As a teenager, she started her own line of cosmetics, which was particularly successful with lipsticks. Last November, she sold her cosmetics brand to the Coty Corporation for $ 600 million. Since last week, part of their cosmetics line has also been available in Germany.

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Moderator Frauke Ludowig is currently indulging in a sunny break. She receives a lot of praise for her latest vacation picture, but also has to defend herself against allegations of photo editing.

The RTL presenters then and now

Photo series with 20 pictures

Through her celebrity show "RTL Exclusive" Frauke Ludowig became one of the most famous television personalities in the country. She is currently taking a vacation from this full-time job. On Instagram, she shows her almost 300,000 subscribers insights from the relaxing days. However, she leaves it open where she is. In any case, her fans don’t look at the landscape.

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In a new picture, which she shares on her Instagram profile, you can see her in a red swimsuit. She lolls casually on a chair and holds a drink in her hand. "Relax", writes the 56-year-old and wishes her followers a nice weekend.

And Frauke Ludowig has received a lot of praise on the Internet for this photo. "Age! Just checked the account", writes Ruth Moschner under the picture. "I don’t follow any models except Knuppi. You are the best!" The former jungle queen Evelyn Burdecki also thinks the picture is great. "So his beautiful wife"she says. "With an even more beautiful heart!"

Moderator Marlene Lufen is also very excited: ‚Ey Frauke, what about you ?!‘ I want to scream. You are the body!" Also "All that counts"-Star Cheyenne Phade and moderator Nazan Eckes leave flame emojis under the picture.

Has the photo been edited? Frauke counters

However, a comment accuses Frauke of having edited the photo. Her legs and toes are stumbling blocks. They would look unnaturally long. "Why does everything always have to be edited? The legs look unnaturally long. You’re an attractive woman. But you disfigured your toes with your photo editing", is under the post.

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Frauke responds personally to this comment and refutes the photo editing thesis. "I haven’t edited anything. And neither would it! Otherwise I would have beautified my feet, wouldn’t I?", ask her. Most of her followers are enthusiastic about Frauke as she is.

Sources used: Frauke Ludowig’s Instagram profile

During her first pregnancy, Kim Kardashian was extremely scared. The 36-year-old feared that her unborn baby had died.

The US reality star spoke about anxious hours during pregnancy in 2012. "I was scared and in so much pain. At one point I thought I had a miscarriage. I was pretty sure of that"she said in the show’s tenth anniversary edition "Keeping Up With The Kardashians".

The doctor was initially unable to determine a heartbeat in the unborn baby. "The next morning I went back and he said, ‚There’s a heartbeat, you haven’t had a miscarriage‘." A few months later, daughter North was born healthy.

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In December 2015, Kim and rapper Kanye West were happy about baby number two – son Saint. The famous couple is currently waiting for the third child. Because a new pregnancy is too dangerous for the mother of two, they are said to have hired a surrogate mother.

With machete and pistol: woman threatens to kill the Kardashians (09/22/17)

The Kardashian clan is used to a lot. Less than a year ago, Kim, the Kardashians‘ best-known sister, was brutally attacked in Paris, and now an American is threatened with wiping out the whole family.

Armed with a pistol, the angry woman ran to the Kardashian boutique "Dash" in West Hollywood and threatened the employees there. The shop is owned by the sisters and was the start of their reality TV career ten years ago.

Angry, the woman threw all the products off the counter and demanded: "Stay away from Cuba!" She then left the boutique, but came back some time later armed with a machete. She hoped to meet someone from the Kardashians there in person.

The angry American yelled in front of the cameras: "The Kardashians will be executed if they enter communist territory. You are fucking killed." She pushed the machete through the slit in the front door and sped off in a taxi.

The 35-year-old woman has now been arrested by the police. A bail of $ 50,000 was set.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West expecting third baby (9/7/17)

US rapper Kanye West and reality actress Kim Kardashian are expecting their third child. The celebrity couple and the whole family are "in seventh heaven", reports, among other things, the gossip website "TMZ". The baby is carried by a surrogate mother.

Everything should be perfect, according to the surrogate mother, who is said to receive the equivalent of 37,800 euros for her services, for example forbidden to dye her hair or go into a whirlpool. The 36-year-old It girl care for one "ideal" Nutrition. The third child appears to be a girl whose due date is in January.

Kim Kardashian, according to information from the family clan "for months" looking for a surrogate mother and first "recently the perfect candidate" has suffered from complications with her placenta that occurred during her second pregnancy. A third pregnancy could therefore endanger her life. Yet another sibling for daughter North and son Saint was her greatest wish.