Of the Russian Federation of September 23, 1992 „“ About

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Of the Russian Federation of September 23, 1992 „“ About

The implementation of these activities will allownarrow the gap between Russia and the leadingforeign countries in this area, to reduce the volumeimports of telecommunications equipment andstrengthen the country’s information security.

Radio systems technologies

The activities in this section correspond topriority directions of development of science,technologies and equipment of the Russian Federation"Information and telecommunicationtechnologies and electronics "" Space andaviation technologies "" Newtransport technologies "" Promisingweapons, military and special equipment "andprovide for development work included inlist of critical technologies of the RussianFederation of Technologies "Aviation androcket and space technology usingnew technical solutions "" Safetytraffic, traffic management,intermodal transport and logisticssystems "" Opto-, radio- and acoustoelectronics,optical and ultra-high-frequency communication ".

It is planned to carry out work in the areatechnologies of radio engineering systems, includingcreation of a new generation of high-precisionanti-jamming radar equipment, inincluding radar stations withsolid-state active phasedgratings that provide the creation of a newgeneration of products with unique functionalproperties to improve efficiency andcompetitiveness of promising samplesaviation and rocket and space technology,providing information protection of ground,marine, air and space objects, andalso the creation of electronic systemsmonitoring of the state of the environment,subsurface location equipment,detection and suppression of illegalmovement of drugs,highly efficient underwater surveillance systemsbased on sonar antennas of the newgeneration, metal fiber plates and systemssound imaging for multilevelmultistatic underwater systemobservation for national andinternational monitoring of nuclear tests,earthquakes and ballistic missile launches,equipping advanced systems with equipmentsound imaging in turbid and poorly transparent environments(areas of work 117-128 Appendix None).

Implementation of resultsresearch anddevelopment work foreseen inthis section requires improvementexperimental bench equipment, andalso technical re-equipment of enterprisesfor the use of newly created technologies.For these purposes, the allocation ofcapital investments for the creation of capacities forproduction of gas-discharge display panels(direction of work 129 of Appendix No. 1).

Optoelectronic, laser andinfrared systems

The activities of this section providework in priority areasdevelopment of science, technology and technology of the RussianFederation george orwell sparknotes"Information and telecommunicationtechnologies and electronics "" Space andaviation technologies "" New materials andchemical technologies "" Promisingweapons, military and special equipment "andprovide for development work included inlist of critical technologies of the RussianFederation of Technologies "Aviation androcket and space technology usingnew technical solutions "" Optical, radio andacoustoelectronics, optical andmicrowave communication "" Laser andelectron-ion-plasma technologies ".

The section provides for the development of:

technologies of creation and productiondiode-pumped solid-state lasers, includingthe number of lasers with an eye-safe wavelengthand wide-range tunable lengthwaves of a femtosecond laser complex.Diode-pumped solid-state lasers havebroad prospects of application in ranging,communication systems, control, navigation,measuring technology, microelectronics, inlaser sizing, melting and weldingvarious materials, surface hardeninginstrument, in the systems of registration, processing andtransmission of information, laser therapy andsurgery, in environmental monitoring systems,in advanced weapon systems(direction of work 130 of Appendix No. 1);

technologies for industrial production of newoptical glass brands for variousspectrum ranges, including laser glasses,crystals, optical ceramics and polymermaterials, as well as application technologyprotective optical coatings (direction of work131 of Appendix No. 1). This will allow the use of newoptical materials in the development andproduction of optical, optoelectronic,laser and infrared systems and devicesdual-use;

technologies for creating a number of optical devicesnew generation for a wide range of solutionstasks of a general industrial and scientific nature, inincluding for medicine and environmental monitoringenvironment (direction of work 132 applicationsN 1);

technologies and equipment forautomated processing of variousoptical materials and obtaining precisionoptical parts, including asphericaloptics, the widespread introduction of which inindustry will drastically reducelabor intensity in optical production andshorten production cyclesoptical devices (direction of work 133Appendix No. 1);

technologies for the production of highly reliablesolid-state lasers and high-precision lasergyroscopes based on complex semiconductorcompositions with low optical loss andintegrated controllable radiation matrices,as well as dielectric reflective andantireflection coatings (direction of work 134 of Appendix No. 1);

radiation control technologies of powerfullasers based on the methods of linear and nonlinearadaptive optics (direction of work 135Appendix No. 1).

The work on this section will allow you to developtechnologies for creating new optoelectronic,laser and infrared systems of doubleappointments, create the prerequisites for maintainingparity of Russia in the field of laser technology andclose the gap with the advanced countries inthermal imaging and infrared technology, createvarious universal optoelectronicnew general industrial devicesgeneration to solve a wide range of tasks, includingnumber for measuring linear and angular values,devices with increased reliability, accuracy andproductivity, with automaticcontrol and processing of measurement resultsbased on advances in optics, computing,semiconductor and laser technology, as wellensure the production of a competitiveproducts both internally and externallymarket.

Mastering the results of researchand development work for this sectionneeds improvementexperimental bench equipment, andalso technical re-equipment of enterprisesfor the introduction of new technologies. For these purposesthe allocation of capitalinvestments for the organization of serial productionphotodetectors based on p-i-n photodiodes forlaser technology, modernization of the complexlighting tests and routecomplex for testing lasersystems (areas of work 137-140 applicationsN 1).

Information systems technologies

The works under this section correspond topriority directions of development of science,technologies and equipment of the Russian Federation"Space and Aviation Technologies""New transport technologies""Advanced weapons, military andspecial equipment "" Productiontechnologies "and provide fordevelopment works included in the listcritical technologies of the Russian Federationtechnologies "Pattern Recognition and Analysisimages "" Traffic safety,transport management, intermodaltransportation and logistics systems ""Information integration and systemproduct life cycle support (CALS-, CAD-CAM-,CAE-technologies) "" Artificialintelligence "" Computer simulation ""Environmental Monitoring".

Works on this section allowdevelop:

monitoring technology, three-dimensionalremote sensing with automaticdetection and recognition of ground andair objects (information-lasertechnology, technology synthesizedstereovision, technology of automaticscene analysis) based on the merge effectvideo information received from devicesof different physical nature. Receivedthe results can be used tobuilding intelligent automatedand automatic remote control systemssensing of a new generation – spaceaeronautical ground (direction of work 141 Appendix No. 1);

signal processing technologies andvideo information. Intellectualmeasuring complexes based on processingvideo information will allow you to createtextured metric relief modelsobjects included in complex scenesobservation. Industrial production of complexesnon-contact measurements will provide an increaselabor productivity at sitesproduction related to measurements will increasethe qualifications of personnel, which will be the baseto increase production, maintainforeign exchange reserves, replacement of imported equipmentdomestic (line of work 142 Appendix None);

simulation technologycomplex socio-technical systems(direction of work 143 of Appendix No. 1);

technologies for creating the interface "man -machine "based on virtual systemsreality. The results of the work can beused in training systems, training, formaking decisions to improve qualitymanagement of objects and processes of variouslevel (direction of work 144 of Appendix N 1);

electronic tracking technologieshigh technology products at all stages of lifecycle based on CALS-standards (direction of work145 of Appendix No. 1);

technologies for situation analysis systems,decision making, forecasting and management(directions of work 146 and 147 of the appendixN 1).

Creation and widespread use of technologies,the development of which is provided in this section,will provide:

inclusion of domestic producers ininternational cooperation in design andthe production of complex science-intensive products;

creation of modern geographic information systemsgeneral purpose, economical and promptcompilation of resource inventories with highaccuracy;

optimal constructionindustrial, technical and environmentalcomplexes;

creation of intelligent transportsystems, measuring complexes,intelligent robotics;




dated December 31, 1998 N 245


In connection with the imposition of the Russian agencyon patents and trademarks functions onregistration of agreements on full assignment of allproperty rights and on the transfer of propertyrights to officially registered programsfor electronic computers, basedata and topology of integrated circuits inin accordance with subparagraph 7 of paragraph 6Regulations on the Russian Agency for Patents andtrademarks approved by the ResolutionOf the Government of the Russian Federation "ORussian Agency for Patents and Commoditiessigns and subordinate organizations "dated September 19, 1997 N 1203 (Meetinglegislation of the Russian Federation, 1997, N 39,Art. 4541), as well as in order to improve the orderregistration of contracts for programs forelectronic computers, databases andI order the topology of integrated circuits:

1. Approve the attached Registration Rulescontracts for programs for electroniccomputers, databases and topologyintegrated circuits.

2. Rules for registering contracts for programsfor electronic computers, basedata and topology of integrated circuits,approved by Order of RosAPO N 9p dated March 5, 1993year (registration number of the Ministry of Justice of Russia N 183 datedMarch 17, 1993) from the date of entry into forceof this Order shall be declared invalid.

3. This Order comes into force upon the expiration of10 days after its official publication.

General directorA.D. KORCHAGIN

applicationto the Orderdated December 31, 1998 N 245


1. These Rulesthe procedure for registering contracts oncomplete assignment of all property rights andagreements on the transfer of property rights toprograms for electronic computers,databases and topology of integrated circuits inaccording to article 13 of the LawOf the Russian Federation of September 23, 1992 "Onlegal protection of programs for electroniccomputers and databases "(Bulletin of the Congress of People’s Deputies of the RussianFederation and the Supreme Soviet of the RussianFederation, 1992, N 42, art. 2325) and Article 9Law of the Russian Federation of September 23, 1992year "On the legal protection of topologiesintegrated circuits "(Bulletin of the CongressPeople’s Deputies of the Russian Federation andOf the Supreme Soviet of the Russian Federation, 1992, N 42,Art. 2328).

2. For registrationcontracts must be submitted to Rospatent(121858, Moscow, Berezhkovskaya nab., 30, building 1)the following documents:

application for registration of the correspondingagreement in the form given in the Appendices1 and 2 – in 2 copies;

agreement on the full assignment of all propertyrights or an agreement on the transfer of property rightsfor a program for electronic computingmachines, database or topology of an integralmicrocircuits – in 3 copies;

proof of paymentregistration fee in the prescribed amountor grounds for exemption from paymentregistration fee, as well as to reduceits size.

When registering an agreement on the full assignment of allproperty rights to officiallyregistered computer program, basedata or integrated circuit topologyyou must also provide a certificate (s) oftheir official registration (original (s) orduplicate (s)).

The parties to the contract can appoint their own (s)representative (s) for the conduct of registration casescontract. In this case, attached to the applicationpower of attorney executed in accordance withcurrent legislation.

The application must relate to one contract,compiled for one computer program, basedata or topology of an integrated circuit.

Application for registration of a full contractthe assignment of all property rights is signedcopyright holder or assignee under a contractor a representative of one of them.

Application for registration of a transfer agreementproperty rights, if the agreement of the parties onregistration of the contract is not recorded in anyanother document to be submitted, signcopyright holder and his successor under the contractor their representatives. Otherwise, the statementsigns one of them.

On behalf of a legal entity, a statementsigned by the head of the organization withan indication of his position, the signature is certifiedstamp.

Submissions must beprinted in black, in Russian. If athe contract submitted for registration has been drawn upin another language, then afull translation into Russian, certifiedproperly. Foreign names andthe names of enterprises must be indicatedalso in Russian transliteration (transfer of lettersone writing through the letters of the otherwriting).

3. Rospatent within a month from the datereceipt of an application for registration of a contractchecks the presence of allstipulated documents and their compliancethe requirements specified in paragraph 2 of theseOf the rules.