Then, from outside, he kicked and the ball went to Paris

Blog 6. Januar 2020

Then, from outside, he kicked and the ball went to Paris

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The Sánchez Pizjuán Sevilla-FC Barcelona duel (4:15 pm) is a major challenge for Ernesto Valverde’s team at this time of the season, a perfect opportunity to see how the squad is supporting the tough schedule of these weeks and specifically Leo Messi.


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Juan Manuel Diaz @ JuanmaDiaz65

The latest reference against Sevilla is the scandalous 6-1 of the Copa del Rey quarterfinals that allowed the comeback in the Copa del Rey from 2-0 in the first leg at Sánchez Pizjuán. But there are many nuances that accompany this meeting.

The first, which is embedded between the trip to Lyon and two trips to Madrid in which Barça gamble their luck in the League, the Cup and the Champions League. The second, that Ernesto Valverde’s team stayed ‚dry‘ at the OL Stadium (0-0), something that already happened to him in the match against Athletic Club in San Mamés (0-0).


But, of course, not all the determining factors play against Barça, beyond the fact that the Blaugrana must react this Saturday at the stadium in the Nervión neighborhood.

For example: in LaLiga, Barça has won 6 of its last 10 visits to the Sevilla team, and only gave up one defeat, 2-1 in the 2015/16 season.

And in the heads or tails duels in the last finals, in the Cup (0-5) and in the Spanish Super Cup (1-2), the Catalan team also beat the Andalusian.


The last defeat in Sevilla in the Cup also has an important nuance: Leo Messi did not participate in that duel. Sevilla is the ‚favorite victim‘ of the Argentine, as he has scored 33 goals in the 36 games in which they have been measured. The balance is overwhelming for Barça with 27 wins, 5 draws and 4 losses.

Whether at the Camp Nou, at the Sánchez Pizjuán or on neutral ground, Barça has not lost against Sevilla with Messi on the pitch since August 14, 2010. It was in the final of the European Super Cup, when the Hispanics imposed 3-1.

Since then, Messi has chained 20 wins and 4 draws against Sevilla wearing the FC Barcelona shirt, scoring 25 goals in those 24 games, divided into 17 of them. The last of those goals, precisely the one that closed 6-1 in the recent Cup victory.

Another devastating fact in favor of the Barcelona team: Messi has played 11 Sevilla-Barça in LaLiga in his career and only lost the first of them: 2-1 on March 3, 2007. Since then, when the genius of Rosario was in the field, Barça accumulated 6 wins and 4 draws in the league championship.   


Since Messi debuted in a duel against the Seville team, 42 games have been played between Barça and Sevilla in LaLiga, Copa, and Super Cups in Spain and Europe.

The balance is overwhelming in favor of Barça, with 28 wins, 7 draws and 7 defeats, including seven finals: The Sevilla players prevailed in the 2006-07 European Super Cup, and the Blaugrana in the 2015-16 European Super Cup, the Copa del Rey 205-16 and 2018-19 and the Spanish Super Cups 2010-11, 2016-17 and 2018-19.

The Barça does not give with the key in front of the Olympique de Lyon

Schedule and where to watch Sevilla – Barcelona on Day 25 of LaLiga Santander 2018 – 2019

However, in the 6 games that Messi did not play, the balance is favorable for the Andalusians: 3 wins and 2 draws, for a Barcelona victory. The nuance: four were played at the Sánchez Pizjuán with 3 defeats from Barcelona and a draw …

Barça Lassa changes the chip. After winning the Copa del Rey in Madrid on Sunday, it was time to rest on Monday. On Tuesday, the Pesic boys returned to work with only one goal in mind: the Euroleague and Thursday’s match at the Palau (9:00 pm) against Kirolbet Baskonia. And even more this week in which the Endesa League stands by the FIBA ​​windows.


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Xavi Martínez Olivar @martinezolivar

Pesic’s work on a psychological level has focused on that: that his pupils leave behind the joy for the first title of the year and focus on continental competition. Nothing should distract you. Nor the brutal media campaign launched by Real Madrid against the referees of the Cup final, which has led the white club to filter that they are considering leaving the ACB and playing only the Euroleague or even the hilarious possibility of playing the NBA.

The only concession this Thursday will be the offer of the cup title to the Barça fans before the clash. By the way, according to reports from Vitoria, Baskonia – if the Euroleague allows it – has offered to make the corridor to Barça for its Cup title, something that, by the way, Real Madrid did not do last season in identical circumstances claiming that they were different competitions. The elegance of each other. From here, Barça will have to put all five senses in the task because, with eight days left, it cannot allow itself to be distracted.

Pesic’s men defend the fifth position (13 victories) with an advantage (plus basket average) over Olympiacos. But without losing sight of the fourth place (the last one that the home court factor would grant in the play-offs) held by Anadolu Efes (14). The Turks, remember, must receive the Catalans in Istanbul.

With a greater or lesser dose of fatigue, Pesic will initially have all his troops, for a match that will be as physically and mentally demanding as all the clashes against Baskonia. Barça will have to draw on offensive resources based on their solidity behind As it is the second best defense in the competition (76.4 points) Barça, let us remember, as happened in the Endesa League, it was also able to win the European match in Vitoria (70-77).

In front, Baskonia -even without Granger or Shengelia but with Garino and Sedekerskis- also arrives with 1x the obligation to forget the effects -in this case frustrating- of the Copa del Rey in which they fell at the first exchange against Divina Joventut .

Barça Lassa is vindicated at the most opportune moment

Barça was successful in the Copa del Rey in the ‚robbery of the century‘

For Perasovic’s it will be an even more decisive pulse. Today they are eighth (11 wins) with the same victories as the seventh (Bayern), but also the same as the ninth (Armani) and only one more than the tenth (Maccabi) that would be out of the play-off. They will go all out, they have no choice.

Once recovered from the injury that kept him away from the pitch for a few weeks, Ousmane Dembélé has returned in all his splendor. Valverde, of course, has no doubts. He’s one notch above Coutinho in performance at this point in the season. Or put another way, the Brazilian has not taken advantage of the opportunities he has enjoyed in the absence of the French forward.


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Toni Frieros @tfrieros


Ousmane Dembélé

Dembélé returned to France and faced with an ideal rival, perfect to express his best characteristics. In fact, it only took him twenty-seven seconds to be about to open the scoring, when Lyon lost a ball in the center of the field and he planted himself alone in the French goal … with poor aim. That would be the history of your European party. Yes, sparkle, depth, arrival, association, but bad final choice.

He had an absolute role in the first half, being the most active, participative player and the one who shot the Lyon goal the most times by Barça. At eighteen minutes he cut into the area, but shot Lopes‘ body. Then, from outside, he kicked and the ball went to Paris. He closed the first half with two more shots. One ended up in the center when in reality he should have looked for the goal and not the pass. And the other one went away very little. Very good first part of hers although, unfortunately, he ended up dying on the shore.

Unfair change

Valverde considered that Dembélé had to be the first Barça player substituted. A clearly unfair decision because Ousmane was being one of the most prominent. It is true that he lacked precision in his final actions, but this same thesis served for Messi and, above all, Luis Suárez, very unlucky all night. Only a shot to the wood brings him out of mediocrity.

The time he was on the field in the second half, barely twenty minutes, Dembélé was once again Messi’s best partner in construction. A wall between the two ended in a strong shot from Leo that Lopes cleared as best he could.

The Barça coach decided to replace Dembélé with Coutinho at 66 minutes, surely looking for freshness and greater precision. 

Luis Suárez’s drought at home in the Champions League already seems like a witch thing. With 0-0 against Olympique Lyon, the Uruguayan striker exceeds 25 hours without seeing a goal as a visitor in the maximum continental tournament.


On 02/20/2019 at 00:15 CET

Xavi Canals

In Sport English

Luis Suarez, 25 hours without scoring away in the Champions League

The last goal of the Uruguayan was at the Olimpico in Rome (1-1), a distant September 16, 2015, at the opening of the group stage.